(Est. 2013, Moscow) is a clothing brand, Russian streetwear brand [1], an independent label providing high quality socks founded Le Charlatan by Andrey Bozhyev [2] and Maria Aldarova [3], later purchased from co-founder and registered as Lecharlatan by Andrey Bozhyev (2015).

Olly Alexander wears Lecharlatan socks

Olly Alexander wears Lecharlatan socks
Photo: Tom Jamieson / The New York Times


Year Milestones
2014 Purchasing from co-founder
2015 Registering of LECHARLATAN
2017 Launching of Строгий юноша

Actress Vasilisa Lavrentyeva at Le Charlatan’s video look book by Artyom Ignatyev

Actress Vasilisa Lavrentyeva at Lecharlatan’s lookbook by Artyom Ignatyev
Photo: Anton Petrov / Vimeo

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[1] Spelling it out: why Cyrillic slogan streetwear is the new punk uniform for post-Soviet teens (Sasha Raspopina, The Calvert Journal) [2] Молодая кровь: LECHARLATAN (Лена Нагаева, Be in) [3] Le Charlatan: Носки и гольфы родом из Москвы (Олеся Ива, Wonderzine)


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